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Monthly Archives: August 2015

Improve Your Online Gaming Experience with a VPN

Posted on 21 August, 2015  in Gaming Blog

onlineAs online gaming continues to become more and more popular, so does the necessity to play the latest releases safely and without any kind of geo-restriction. VPN for gaming is a handy option for casual and hardcore PC gamers alike, especially for those unable to purchase certain games, play with online friends located in another country, or those who play with high ping.

If high latency (ping) is making your online gaming experience unpleasant, you can now optimize your ping with a VPN that’s located in close proximity to your gaming server — this way you can get faster speeds and a better overall gaming experience, not to mention a significantly lower ping.

Is your ISP throttling (forcefully “suffocating” your internet speed) or rerouting your connection to a poorly optimized network because your bandwidth usage is presumably “too high”? Defeat throttling and bypass overcrowded networks with an optimized VPN!

Another big advantage of using a VPN for online gaming is the possibility to play new titles early! Connect to servers located in countries with early launch dates and play the newest video games days before they’re launched in your country!

A big part of online gaming is being able to play with your online friends. Sadly, some online games require a specific IP address to play on certain servers. This means that if you’re not located in a specific country, you can be geographically restricted from playing on a server — a VPN allows you to game with any friend from any part of the world without being geo-restricted!

Lastly, when using a VPN to game online you are also protected against DDoS attacks. DDoSing players in online games is usually difficult, but if you’re connected to an online program that allows others to connect to you (like Skype) you become a potential target. When you connect to a VPN, you are assigned a different IP address which prevents your true IP from being targeted!