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Monthly Archives: October 2014

3 Ways in Which CD Keys Are Helping Game Developers and Publishers to Fight Piracy

Posted on 8 October, 2014  in CD Games

Peer-to-Peer some other internet portals and networks happen to be ill-famed for giving towards piracy of game titles. Programmers and publishers spend lots of cash plus time for coming up with all the most recent games. Years of originality, innovation, research and efforts must create a game that appeals to the devotees. The investment is generally in the order of vast amounts. The least that the programmers anticipate is their reasonable share in the earnings brought in by the games.

But piracy appears to interrupt that all. Programmers have had to only observe their hard work go to waste as individuals sold it and made illegal duplicates of the games which were not fairly difficult to reproduce by anyone who had the proper instruments and just the correct amount of practical comprehension.

And just when things were getting worse, the games were given keys which were not only specific, but in addition unique for every single copy of the sport to CD. This caused it to be totally problematic for the games to be subjected to piracy. With the developments in web technologies, these keys are now useful for getting the game, nevertheless also they are useful for downloading the games for desktop computer and consoles platforms that have cloud services. Take a look at the subsequent advantages of CD keys which are in fact helping game developers to resist piracy.

CD Keys are not General to Each Duplicate of the Game

Game publishers / developers are using advanced keys that are quite general to every copy of the game nevertheless they’re also aligned to the particular platform which is not incompatible using the game. Also, using the games being offered on cloud services, for downloading the game, you should get real serial codes. It’s removed the chance of piracy.

Keys Once Activated Can Never Be Utilized Again

The one time use attribute was available for previous games also, but the probability of utilizing it as a base for regenerating duplicate keys or keys that are nearly compatible was pretty existent. There were also an opportunity that the specific serial code might benefit another copy of the sport. Such opportunities were that infrequent, but it could have worked by sheer chance. CD key suppliers have implemented strict quality tests, before it’s dispatched, where each and every key they get from your publisher is checked for authenticity. Then the key would be of no use, if a person does attempt to sell it away after use. Using the increasing consciousness about serial codes that are legal, clients are much less susceptible to such risks as they’d choose to purchase from a source that is genuine rather than seek such keys out on the internet.

Various Added Perks are Given As Well As CD Keys

Individuals are supporting to support bona fide serial codes by giving value added perks like season passes, discounted Downloadable Contents and assist in queries. Such gains cannot be supplied to people who have just ripped the keys from portal site or some newsgroup online.


Gaming brings the interest of lots of men and women and is fun, in case you get the real thing with the perks and benefits, but nevertheless, it could be turned into even more enjoyable. It might seem somewhat trivial, but then the codes hold the possibility of getting a major positive effect on the earnings they bring in from your sales, in the event you take into account the view of the game developers. It is an excellent step towards giving gamers the expertise they deserve and fighting piracy.

Max Martinez is a technology enthusiast as well as an avid gamer and is working towards creating awareness about piracy along with the manners by which we are able to support authentic products. In the event you would like to learn more about him and his attempts, do check out his PC Games web site for latest upgrades and abundant tips.